P-H prom a success; grateful for help
Wednesday, May 26, 2010 - 1:00 pm

To the Editor:

I would like to thank everyone that was involved with making the Parishville-Hopkinton Central School 2010 Prom a success. Special thanks really need to go to Alexander Lalonde (senior class president) for making all reservations, ordering all materials and really organizing and putting this all together; Clarkson University and Armark Food Service for allowing us to use their world class facility (the Barben Room) and providing delicious appetizers at an extremely reasonable cost. (You really are and incredible asset to this community.) Thank you; Chase the Light Productions D.J. Massena, Ryan and Crystal Reynolds, www.chasethelightproductions.com. Great job on keeping the music flowing and the kids dancing. Whenever we are looking for a DJ you will be at the top of our list; Valley Greenery (St. Rte 72 Parishville NY.) The flowers were wonderful, for a small flower shop you really impressed us. Everything was top notch and your prices were exceptional. You will be hearing from me in the future; Ed Lyon (our resident photographer). He’s in the Potsdam phone book. Thanks again Ed. Marjike Lee, Robin Lalonde, Beth Fellion, and James Lavelle. These are all people that did not need to help but did. They are teachers, spouses, and community members that gave up their weekend to make this a safe and enjoyable event for everyone (without people like you productions like these would be insurmountable); Lastly the other class advisors, students, administration, parents and anyone else that helped to decorate, chaperon, or help in ways shapes or forms I may have forgotten. Thank you all.

Scott Lalonde, Senior Class advisor, Parishville-Hopkinton CS