Owens created jobs, Doheny worked for wealthy
Wednesday, October 20, 2010 - 12:36 pm

To the Editor:

It’s easy to compare Congressman Bill Owens’ voting record to help the economy for us in the 23rd District, and his nearly three decades in the North Country actually bringing in those many jobs to Plattsburgh’s closed Air Force base, with Matt Doheny’s extended Wall Street work for the wealthy, as he helped them pile up 6- and 7-figure bonuses during everyone else’s hard times.

Just ask the former GM employee out of work, or the hurting small farm family, or the struggling retailer on Main Street.

Read about Doheny’s Wall Street record, as he has more than echoed the “nos” of the elephants in the rooms in Washington, while Bill Owens has fought to bring health care insurance to the thousands who could only receive help in the emergency rooms of rural and urban America, racking up rising rates for everyone else. Doheny even found time to advocate for the certain privatization aspects of Social Security on March 25 in Plattsburgh and even through his spokesperson as recently as Oct. 7 and in between interviews in Franklin and Madison counties.

Bill’s ear has been to Main Street, and so have his feet and his votes, while Doheny recently returned home from Wall Street just to run for office. We have seen a lot of Bill Owens listening to farmers about milk prices and then voting to help them, or hearing out those who were hit by the closing of General Motors in Massena and then acting on their behalf.

Contrary to the propaganda in the naysayers’ negative TV ads, Bill acts independently much of the time, looks at both sides of the issues, and votes what he feels is best for us in his 23rd District. He makes sense for my vote.

We all need to get out and vote Nov. 2 to keep Bill Owens working for us and Main Streeters, not Wall Streeters. Our healthy and hearty lives all begin with a job. That’s what Bill Owens is fighting for, as his actions speak louder than mere words.

Brad Mintener, Canton