Oversight of North Country, old problem says Star Lake resident
Wednesday, May 9, 2012 - 3:49 pm

To the Editor:

The article about Colton and other small communities being overlooked by Albany and Washington is nothing new. This problem has been an ongoing issue for many years. Thirty years ago I moved out-of-state because the north country was so economically depressed.

After returning 12 years ago the same issue is prevalent. Unfortunately, we do not have the populace to make a difference in a legislature or future legislature’s thinking. To entice business to the area, I feel, the APA and the governmental body, occasionally, will comment on the number of young families that are moving to other states.

A statement of this kind makes for good political rhetoric, but seldom produces any changes. Until the “Blue Line” or the Adirondacks is no longer considered a playground for the more affluent, we the residents that live here, and drive excessive mileage to our employment daily probably won’t live enough to see any significant change. Perhaps we need an “Adirondack Protest”. Case in point: Benson Mines just outside of Star Lake.

This project has been an issue for over 40 years. I realize the wheels of government move slow, but even the tortoise could have done something by now. Newton Falls paper mill is another example. The most recent owners tried their very best to make this a striving business to no avail.

I did not see any legislature step in and try to help. Once again a number of employees was laid off and forced into looking for work outside the area.

 Elizabeth Crispin, Star Lake