Ortmeyer ready for county government
Friday, October 22, 2010 - 12:07 pm

To the Editor:

If you live in the Village of Potsdam, chances are you’re in Legislative District 10. On November 2, you’ll have a choice between incumbent Pat Turbett and new-comer Karl Ortmeyer. While Karl is young, and new to county politics, he has been active in local affairs from many years.

Karl is a businessman. He understands finances and budgets. He is in his fifth year as a Potsdam Library Trustee where he has helped keep spending steady, resulting in a 0% library tax increase over that period. Contrast this with the way District Legislator Turbett has raised our county taxes year after year, and Potsdam School Board President Turbett has raised our school taxes regularly.

I have known Karl for years. He is his own man, un-intimidated by controversy, and coming to his own conclusions. He owes nothing to anyone and is prepared to reach out, working in good faith with all county departments and residents. Contrast this with the way District Legislator Turbett has done his best to stack the Potsdam school board, faculty, and county departments as well as working hard to manipulate Village politics.

Karl supports the County Sheriff’s Department road patrols. In a time when our state government continues to underfund and under-man the NYS Police, Karl understands the important role the County Sheriff plays in keeping our communities safe. On the other hand, Legislator Turbett has repeatedly called for the cessation of Sheriff road patrols and jeopardizes our safety.

Can Karl work miracles? No. He is only one man on a large board but he is certainly a big step in the right direction and, in my opinion, the BEST choice for District 10 Legislator. On Tuesday, November 2, vote Karl Ortmeyer.

Tim Connolly, Potsdam