Ortmeyer: best choice in three-way race
Tuesday, October 19, 2010 - 1:36 pm

To the Editor:

I am Karl Ortmeyer and I am running for St. Lawrence County Legislator in District 10. I decided to run when no one else seemed to want to do the job and yet again Mr. J. Patrick Turbett would be elected with no challengers. I’ve learned a lot from when I decided to run for county government. I know that I have more to learn; however I am confident that I’ll know the rest in time to make informed decisions while representing you in the legislature.

After I entered the race, Mr. James Bunstone decided that he should also run - but pushed to be on the Democrat’s line by special process while he is a Republican. He stated that parties do not matter, at least to him (but of course the small matter that the number of registered Democrats who voted in 2006 outnumbered Republicans 7 to 4 in District 10 couldn’t hurt while running for office as a Democrat). Then, Mr. Turbett’s petition to be on the Democrat’s line was challenged and thrown out, so no primary would take place. We’re left with a three-way race with Mr. Turbett on an independent line.

I’m hesitant to make campaign promises, such as slashing the budget by XX%, as many of our budget items are state mandated. I do promise to visit every department if elected so I know what I would be making decisions on. I don’t believe in management in any other form than going into the field and seeing what there is to see. One county employee with 20 years’ experience in a professional setting told me she knew of one legislator visiting the office. Disgraceful!

I’d also like to attempt to introduce, where applicable, measures dealing with quality management and elements of lean enterprise. I believe spending a few hundred dollars to get a few thousand in savings is well worth the investment and is sound management. I believe we can restore our fund balance to where it needs to be because it’s been managed into the ground by the policies of our current board. I believe taxes should be raised only as a last resort.

Every vote in this race matters. I’m asking you to invest your time by informing yourself about what I believe in case I missed seeing you during the campaign. You can find more of my positions online at www.karlortmeyer.com where you can also find a link to send me an email.

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to see you as your legislative representative.

Karl Ortmeyer

Candidate for SLC LD 10