Opinion: Wind power should not be determined by emotion, scare tactics and misinformation, Hopkinton resident says
Monday, July 17, 2017 - 11:29 am

To the Editor:

I would like to speak for those pro-wind Hopkinton residents who are not attending tonight’s meeting and those with us who choose not to speak. Being threatened, called a money-grubber or parasite can deter people from expressing pro wind farm opinions.

The town of Hopkinton needs the $23 million over a 30-year period that we could receive from accepting wind turbines. Many of us here tonight and those that stayed home could use the monetary assistance that this project could provide. Don’t tell us to sell our land or move if we don’t like high taxes. For many people the land and homes have been in their families for generations. A large part of the anti-wind sentiment is coming from people who don’t live or pay taxes in Hopkinton.

Our town’s future should be decided by logical thought and scientific data. Our town’s future should “not” be decided by emotional uncertainty, caused by scare tactics and misleading statements.

I urge the board to approve what is needed to make this project possible. 45dBA at the exterior of the nearest residence, wind turbines no closer than 1800 feet from homes, and include the area south of NY 72 in the project.

And by the way, would the person who took our “Yes Wind Power” sign please return it.

Gail Kelly