Opinion: Wind money would aid school and taxpayers, says Hopkinton resident
Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 7:25 am

To the Editor:

My husband and I moved to Hopkinton in the early 70’s. We were drawn to the area because land was reasonably priced, taxes were low and the people were welcoming.

Over the next 40 years my husband and I operated a sawmill, I worked with developmentally challenged adults/children and we raised our daughter.

As the years passed and our hair greyed, we became more and more concerned about our rising taxes.

I believe the solution to our problem is the North Ridge Wind Project proposed for the Hopkinton and Parishville area.

This project could give the area the economic boost that our communities need. Our school, town and county could receive $23 million over a 30-year period (not including money to leaseholders). This money could be used to decrease our taxes, re-instate school programs that were cut, improve current programs, in addition the two towns could update equipment, roads and buildings.

To support this project I encourage local residents to contact their Wind Advisory Board and make them aware of your support for the project. At this time some of the planning being discussed could discourage this project.

I encourage the Town Boards in both Parishville and Hopkinton to support the North Ridge Wind Farm with 45 dBA sound standard at the exterior of the nearest non-participating residence. This sound is between a mid-sized window air conditioner at 50 dBA and a refrigerator at 40 dBA. I would also encourage property set backs to remain unchanged under the current local laws.

These standards are consistent with recommendations by the World Health Organization.

Gail Kelly