Opinion: Why must we fight? Let God change your hearts, says Parishville resident
Monday, July 2, 2018 - 6:16 am

To the Editor:

All over the world, there are people arguing and fighting over things that do not hold eternal value. There are people bullying, belittling, hating and murdering others on a daily basis! The riots, shootings, and general discord so evident in today’s culture are just really the tip of the iceberg of the problem, and the only solution to these problems is love – God’s love.

However, He does not force this love on us; we have to want it and accept His salvation and forgiveness and surrender our lives totally to Him in order for that love to truly make a change in our lives.

So few people seem to realize and understand this, and so I hope that this poem may be an instrument in the hands of the Lord to help people to think about ‘Why?’ – Why are these problems here, and what can we do about this?

Why must we fight?

Why must we hate?

Why must we argue

And others berate?

Why must we fight?

Why must we kill?

Why must we bring

To others ill-will?

Why can’t there be love?

And what about peace?

Why can’t we forgive,

And give others release?

Justice should be given

Where justice is due.

But why not try love,

Like what Christ’s given you?

Christ gave His life

For you and for me.

His perfect salvation

Will set all men free.

This anger and fear,

Distrust, and ill-will

Is not from our Father,

This stuff – it can kill!

We cannot live like this!

Let God change your hearts!

And if you will let Him,

He will grant a new start!

Jessica Hall