Opinion: Why is Massena veterans house used as place to party?
Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 6:54 am

To the Editor:

I am saddened to read Andy Gardener’s October 24th 2017 news article on North Country Now regarding the resignation of the Boys and Girls Club officials due to the apparent serving of alcohol to minors.

My disappointment does not stem from the resignation of the accused nor from the alcohol which was served to teenagers. I do not condone either problem - however, let’s be honest - the latter problem is not new news in Massena NY.

The real issue is WHY is this house being used for Parties for kids?? Interestingly, I recall quite strict rules regarding the number of guests (including names and ages) on Grateful Nation’s application & rules and regulations.

Should not this property be cherished? Protected? Shouldn’t it be looked after properly and reserved for its original intention? For the enjoyment of US veterans?

“The half-million dollar estate was donated to Operation Grateful Nation, a veterans charity, in 2013 by John and Resa Wing.”

My husband is a Vietnam Veteran. The beautiful Wilson Hill home would be an ideal accommodation for me, my husband and our 2 teenagers while visiting Massena family. We have applied on 2 occasions to stay at Grateful Nation only to be turned down as a Vietnam Veteran is only “Priority 2”. Apparently “Priority 2” is not high enough ranking to insure a successful booking.

I was born and raised in Massena New York. All of my family is still there and in the surrounding area. I understand only too well the importance of providing a safe & fun place for kids to socialize, but I do not believe that Operation Grateful Nation should be that venue...otherwise I fear the house on Wilson Hill will become trashed - another dilapidated building in Massena not unlike the many boarded up buildings on Main Street and the ghost town like mall...

Janis Ahern

Former Massena resident