Opinion: What’s in the water at the dam, asks Winthrop man
Monday, May 15, 2017 - 9:33 am

To the Editor:

To enjoy our lunch my wife and I park behind the mall to watch the water going over the two dams. We note that the water coming over the dam on the left always looks rather yellow.

However, the water coming over the dam on the right is not yellow, except for a band of yellow that appears near the power plant on the end of the dam. This band of yellow appears to be a foot or two below the top edge of the dam.

It appears in the water coming over the dam and extends itself toward the island at about 5 to 10 miles per hour until it makes the travel all the way across the dam or fades out before it gets all the way across.

Within seconds it starts again near the powerhouse and tries to cross the dam toward the island. The sun does not have to be shining for this yellow band to travel its route.

This phenomenon appears to be natural.

Would someone who has knowledge or a theory, please write in response to our wondering? Thank you.

Van C. Hoyt