Opinion: Village of Potsdam needs to crack down on frat house mess, says recent visitor
Friday, May 12, 2017 - 8:37 am

To the Editor:

As a recent visitor to Potsdam, I had occasion to walk down the street running from Ivy [sic] Park to the SUNY campus.

I was appalled at the trash and junk polluting the area. I was shocked that the village would let such a mess accumulate with no action.

If folks really care about their village and the environment, why have those frat houses not been forced to clean up their act?

It left me with the impression that neither the village nor SUNY care at all about the situation, nor about the people in their lovely well-kept homes on the other side of the street.

Looking at that mess is the thanks they get for taking good care of their own property? That is the worst trashed street I've seen in years.

I thought we had become enlightened and moved on from that kind of insult to the environment.

Why not demand those frat houses clean up their act and continue to keep cleaned up or shut down? Thank you for hearing me out.

It was an appalling contrast with the positive climate change protest taking place in the nearby park and with the other parts of your beautiful village.

Caperton Tissot

Saranac Lake