Opinion: Upcoming election offers chance for change, says Parishville resident
Friday, October 6, 2017 - 7:54 am

To the Editor:

I am very excited that the residents of the Town of Parishville finally have options for change for the town in the upcoming election.

We have Steve Hart running for the highway superintendent which has been a long time coming.

Nobody has run against the current highway superintendent since he has been elected and the community is really excited to finally see someone run against him and looking for change.

Steve Hart recently attended a meet-and-greet with some of the Parishville residents and was excited about his campaign and addressed one of the big concerns that people were addressing at the meeting.

He assured residents at the meeting that he would not be running his logging business on town time like the current superintendent has for years.

He also said that he plans on working alongside the men as we are looking to elect someone that is there for the betterment of the town, not someone to collect a paycheck and not be there when the men have questions or concerns.

There certainly will be resistant from the Town Council as they are a very unified Board. That is also why the people are excited for the candidates that are running for Town Council.

There is one open seat as one of the current Town Council members is not running for re-election and a seat that is held by Conrad Cook.

The candidates running are Corey Sheldon, Tom Demo and Cassie Hayes.

Hopefully along with a new highway superintendent, two of these candidates will fill those seats and we will start seeing some changes in the Town of Parishville.

Make sure that that you get out to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 7 as every vote counts.

Geri Lynn Wilson