Opinion: Smoke and mirrors over ‘War on Drugs’, says Ogdensburg resident
Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 6:46 am

To the Editor:

For our safety, many years ago our elected servants started the “War on Drugs” including on marijuana, cocaine and heroin.

All three of these drugs have medical value. Putting pressure on marijuana traffic (nobody overdosed from smoking marijuana) drives drug users to stronger drugs that are easier to transport like heroin/cocaine.

Then, it gets worse drug user start using prescription drugs /pain killers (anyone using FDA approved prescription drugs should read side affects) it continues to get to downhill with the use of methamphetamine.

There, is some good news coming from the state of Massachusetts on July 28, Governor Charlie Baker signed into law for the use recreational marijuana (has many health benefits), hopefully drug user will get away from the afore mentioned deadly drugs.

But, in New York state sheriffs, state police, state workers and U.S. Border Patrol and any one connected to a government pension plan are chained like slaves the deadly drugs of tobacco and alcohol. Why? Because when they die before retirement it makes the pension plan healthy.

So, now you know our elected servants do not really care about you, they just like blowing smoke in your eyes and using mirrors to make feel like they do.

Kevin Doran