Opinion: Residents want fresh voice to convey their concerns, Louisville town council candidates says
Sunday, November 5, 2017 - 10:28 am

To the Editor:

I,as a concerned citizen, Shawn Thompson, am seeking the Louisville Town council seat this year. For the past several years I have served on the planning board, ensuring that the board is fair and impartial to all residents, to resolve their issues fairly, quickly and efficiently.

The residents of Louisville that have approached me to run for office, would like a fresh voice on the board to convey their concerns. The downturn of the economy has been detrimental not only to Louisville, but the north country as a whole. With unfunded state mandates continually increasing, we must be flexible and bring fresh ideas to the table to mitigate the increase in cost, which ultimately gets passed on to the taxpayer.

Although I am in favor of capitalizing on opportunities to generate revenue, at this time ,I can not support the campground that is proposed for the mutton ridge area.

It is my opinion a town owned campground would not make economic sense for our residents, as we have two state owned campgrounds that are rarely at full occupancy most of the season within 10 miles of the proposed site.

I believe the board should work for the people and provide and open and transparent local government. The residents should be treated as equal stakeholders in the community. If elected, I would like to have an open line of communication with the public so they can express their concerns, so we can utilize their input in the decision making process.

Being a licensed water operator, I could bring my 18 years of experience to the board. It would be advantageous to the town to have someone who knows firsthand about the processes involved in the daily operation of a water plant and distribution system.

The residents of Louisville deserve a fresh voice that will address their concerns, work diligently, and utilize the tax dollars in an efficient and effective manner. I am focused on what counts, the people.

If anyone would like to discuss where I stand on other issues, please feel free to contact me. I have a facebook page electshawnthompsonlouisvilletowncouncil

or you can contact me at 3152963529

I am asking for your support on November 7, please vote for Shawn Thompson and make your voice heard. Sincerely,

Shawn Thompson

Louisville town council candidate