Opinion: Repeal SAFE Act pass transparent law
Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - 10:47 am

To the Editor:

Some people want to buy AK-47s along with clips of 30 round capacity AND 800 rounds of ammunition for $500, then say it’s wrong. I sense some rather odd thinking in this scenario.

With that kind of purchase I hope that the person got rid of those clips and either sold or registered the AK-47 or face a felony charge for each.

Background checks, I don’t think most people are against the checks, none of us want the mentally ill or violent criminal to have any guns, at all.

The comment, “For anyone not familiar with this rifle”...go to You Tube? Yes that might help someone see how they work, but those same people that are not familiar them with also voted on the SAFE Act, and turned some good people into criminals and possible felons, simply for their choice of sporting arms.

To pass such legislation in the middle of the night with almost no forethought goes against everything this country stands for, open government is quickly giving way to more backroom deals.

The major problem is that Mr. Coumo decided that we as a people cannot have our rifle of choice, but how will he stop the criminal from buying from the trunk of a car in a back alley.

Last weekend we saw 25 shootings victims fall in NY City, how did the SAFE Act work, I will bet that those shooting were done by handgun, heavily regulated in NY Sate. Not by the rifles that are being criminalized.

The bad guy doesn’t want the rifle, to hard to conceal, he wants the handgun. Look to Massena, again, as violence erupted, it was illegal handguns not the so called assault weapon.

As far as the drug wars and weapons go, look at “Fast and Furious.”

It’s about education and enforcement of present laws, not legislation of more laws that restrict the honest citizen.

Repeal the SAFE Act and start over, use input and insight from us, we the people, the honest gun owners, not some forced legislation passed in the dark of night.

Will Gray, Norwood