Opinion: Protect land power for future generations, says Nicholville resident
Friday, August 4, 2017 - 6:15 am

To the Editor:

To anyone whose lives will be impacted by the proposed North Ridge Wind Farm turbine project.

Avangrid is bringing out sleazy tactics with its most recent ad under the name of "North Country for a Brighter Future."

They must think we're just ignorant and uninformed communities up here. Their most recent at on the back page of this paper is filled with insults and lies.

They don't say that when they come to your house to offer you $2,000 to sign a good neighbor agreement, they will have the right to destroy your land and you'll have no say. Once you sign that agreement you lose all rights to your land.

Don't we pride ourselves on our independence and our love of our land up here? Do you really want to give some huge corporation the rights to your property?

It is not right or fair or community-minded for some people to put money in their pockets and the rest of us have to live forever with the noise, destruction and permanent changes to our beautiful landscape up here.

We need to protect our land - and our rights to those lands – for ourselves and for generations to come. Long after turbines stop working, our children and grandchildren will have to look at those massive hideous skeletons.

Connie Vitale