Opinion: Plan to exhume remains is terribly disrespectful, says Canton resident
Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 8:10 am

To the Editor:

In response to the Letter to the Editor “Reject Plan to Exhume Remains from Cemetery” which appeared in the April 12-18 issue of North Country This Week: great letter concerning plans of a St Lawrence University professor to exhume remove the remains of some of those buried years ago at the old County home on Rt. 68 (Poor House) near the Grasse River.

I also strongly disagree with that ever taking place. What a terrible disrespect for the graves of those people. Back then there were no cement vaults and probably bodies were only in a casket or a "rough box” which long ago has deteriorated. To remove body parts remaining for research by this professor and students, then toss in a plastic bag to be reburied who knows where…can you picture this being done to find and keep separate all remaining body parts?

If this person is so keen on research of human remains, go dig up the remains of your great-grand parents and leave these innocent bodies in their resting place.

No mention regarding the solution of riverbank erosion. When the river is lower later this year the town or county highway departments could draw a few loads of coarse stone and place along the shoreline to halt erosion.

I would say that many organizations would hold simple fund drives for any expense involved which would be much cheaper than removing and reinterring these poor folks. Shoreline improvement hasn't been talked about.

Clark Trerise