Opinion: Pet owners thankful for help after dog is hit, says Canton couple
Friday, July 14, 2017 - 8:51 am

To the Editor:

On the 4th of July 2017, I decided to express my independence and sneaked away from home while my humans were doing their chores. I experienced many wonderful things while on my journey up Main Street in Canton.

However, while attempting to re-cross Main Street (while my human was chasing me to bring me home) I experienced the unexpected.

Little did I know how much it would hurt when a car hits you. I was fortunate enough to encounter two caring citizens, the driver of the vehicle and a local resident. Both showed concerned for my injuries and my human.

When my human caught up to me in the street, the driver apologize profusely and gave my human a hug (surely needed) and the local resident called the vet, comforted my human and walk both of us to our home on Church St.

After a two-day stay at the Canton Animal Clinic, I was discharged and able to return to the comfort of my home. I ended up with three broken ribs, a contused lung and a lot of discomfort but the medical staff took superior care of me. I wish to express my gratitude to everyone that in anyway took care of my humans and me during this stressful time. When I am up and running about again, I will take a walk (on the lease) with my humans and be seeing you around town.

Thanks again for your help as I am alive and well.

(dictated to my humans by Paddy).

Will and JoAnne Fassinger