Opinion: Paying tribute to veterans never gets old, says Norwood resident
Friday, June 16, 2017 - 7:04 am

To the Editor:

I have paid tribute on Memorial Day by parading, displaying the flag daily and also playing TAPS occasionally for the past 50 years.

It never gets old and it means more each year as I participate.

I never served in the military. During my recruitment years (18-22) we had the “lottery system”. My number was higher than needed. I would have served if called upon but I must admit; I’m glad that my number was higher than needed. I’m not embarrassed to admit this because the Vietnam War was so controversial. I lost many close friends and still wonder why.

As I get older, I wished that I had served my country with a military tour.

I have been blessed with many fortunes in my life. Young men and women have given many years of service to our Country. Many came home unharmed; some came home with problems not identified; some came home with handicaps and some paid the ultimate price.

To all veterans: Thank you for your service. I will salute each and every one of you every day. You helped to protect my freedoms, my family and most of all my life beliefs.

Always strong.

Bob Haggett