Opinion: Outcome of animal cruelty case is travesty, says Lisbon resident
Thursday, February 8, 2018 - 8:53 am

To the Editor:

While many are relieved that the case involving the Watertown couple, charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty has been settled, I think the outcome was a travesty.

Kudos to all those folks that took in these neglected animals. Many with medical issues that required lots of time, work, and money in order for the animals to survive. Full disclosure, my family was one of those. We would especially like to commend the folks at A Little Bit of Heaven.

They are doing a great job, with not a lot to work with. No fancy trucks or equipment, always in need, depending on the kindness and generosity of the community and a few volunteers. The things that they have the most of are work, and a compassion for animals.

I know that there are those who come to the defense of the Watertown couple, by saying that they just “got in over their head”. That they are good people. Maybe so. What I do know is, if they had picked up the phone and asked any number of organizations for help, those 100 plus animals would not have had to endure the situation. Some might even still be alive.

Some people are of a mindset that families that foster the animals benefit because they have the option to keep the animals. The only recuperation of the expenses we have incurred, is the joy they provide to my family, especially our two little granddaughters, and the satisfaction of knowing that they are safe and well cared for.

For the life of me, I do not understand how the “deal” they received, is an acceptable or just punishment.

Glenn Niles

West Potsdam