Opinion: Norwood woman thanks person who turned in purse at Potsdam Walmart
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - 8:08 am

To the Editor:

Recently after doing some Christmas shopping at the Potsdam Walmart, it was raining quite hard so I quickly took the packages from my cart and threw them into the trunk of my car.

Not until I was halfway home, did I realize that my purse was not in the car so I figured I had left it in the shopping cart.

In a slight panic, I drove back to Walmart hoping that my cart was in the place where I had left it but it wasn’t there.

Now my panic increased to a whole new level.

I literally ran to customer service and lo and behold, there was my purse sitting on top of a shelf. I told the lady it was my purse and after verifying that I was the owner, she returned the purse to me. I was told that a woman found the purse on a cart outside and immediately brought it to customer service.

When I checked, everything was intact, including the extra cash I requested when checking out.

I have no idea who the woman was but I hope you are reading this and though I wish I could thank you personally, I hope you will accept my deep gratitude for exemplifying the best of human kind.

Dorothy Woods