Opinion: Morristown man says don't get 'fooled' by ‘progressive socialists’
Wednesday, November 29, 2017 - 7:05 am

To the Editor:

I feel compelled to give the electorate the truth since North Country This Week cannot. NCTW published a story about Cuomo crying about the elimination of the state and local tax deduction without a simple fact check of the “evidence” Cuomo offers.

Cuomo claims this will cost 3.3 million taxpayers 17.5 billion. Can you say smoke and mirrors? This is Cuomo at his best. He fails to mention this deduction is nothing more than a subsidy for states (like New York and California) that have high taxes and lots of debt.

This current tax law known as SALT only encourages Cuomo and his wealthy cronies to institute bad economic policy at the state and local level and subsidizes wealthy individuals. This tax loophole amounts to nearly $1.7 trillion in lost federal revenue.

I think NCTW/Cuomo left that out didn’t they? What about the fact the majority of low to middle class taxpayers do not qualify to itemize their deduction? Oh, left that out to didn’t he! How about the fact that low to middle wage earners that are able to itemize only claim about $1,700 while the millionaire’s club can claim $24,500? Forgot to mention it didn’t he.

SALT is an outdated law that encourages high taxed states (NY) to maintain or increase their tax revenues forcing low taxed states to foot the bill. On average the tax deduction is worth 22 times more to millionaires as it is to low-middle income earners. SALT provides huge benefits for the wealthy taxpayer while little to no benefit to the low-middle income taxpayer.

The SALT deduction provides $439 tax break to the average household making between $75,000-$100,000 but provides a whopping $9,700 tax break to the average millionaire. Do you think that’s fair? The elimination of SALT puts an average of 16% back in the taxpayer’s pocket instead of Progressive Andy’s! Progressive Andy is a hypocrite providing us with smoke and mirrors instead of facts.

Elise Stefanik (where’s Joe Gilbert oh yeah he got railroaded out by the establishment) voted no to cover her butt with Paul Ryan’s blessing. Don’t be fooled by “Progressive Socialist” Andy Cuomo/Schumer/Gillibrand/Stefanik charade.

These fake representatives do not represent the people. They do represent the hypocrisy of the establishment swamp! Flush the system of the fake representatives! Below is link to the Washington Times with more facts and truth you likely cannot handle at NCTW.

Trent Porter