Opinion: More than satisfied with Boutique Air experience, says Massena resident
Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 8:40 am

To the Editor:

Boutique Air flight from Albany to Massena was an excellent choice for transportation. I recently had a conference in Albany. I had some personal matters that needed some attention at home in Massena.

I decided instead of four-hour car ride home with my fellow conference attendees, I would fly. Four hours verse a one-hour flight made sense to me.

I have traveled on Cape Air’s flight to and from Albany to Massena before. They did a very good job and I enjoyed their flight. I have to admit that Boutique Air is a positive improvement of air travel out of Massena and St. Lawrence County.

Boutique Air’s plane cabin is roomier, the seats are more comfortable, self serve tea, coffee, water and snacks are available. The plane has a toilet for emergencies, and two pilots for those who were concerned about one pilot on Cape Air’s flights.

Boutique air offers a $40 non-refundable one-way ticket which I purchased (a $90 refundable ticket was available). It cost $ 20 for a taxi from the hotel to the airport. Total cost $ 60 with an airport to airport flying time of less than an hour. This was very impressive. The airline will have is clichés as all airlines do. To say the least I was very satisfied with Boutique Air’s performance.

My recommendation to all residents of St. Lawrence County and Southern Ontario, Canada is to fly Boutique Air out of Massena. It is cost effective, has good destination connections and is excellent option for your air transportation.

Happy and safe travels.

Chuck Raiti