Opinion: More patience needed for Canton construction, says Potsdam resident
Wednesday, May 9, 2018 - 12:24 pm

To the Editor:

I am writing to voice concern regarding the bridge construction project in downtown Canton, and the associated traffic delays as a result.

This is a very important project, and it needed to be done, and quite frankly, there is no “good time” to do it.

However, it is in my opinion that the village of Canton police and the state police need to better watch motorists whom block the intersections because they are too impatient to wait, and to issue citations to those who block the intersection.

When traffic is backed up, I have seen, very frequently, many impatient motorists who block the intersection, despite being able to clearly see that they cannot fully advance through the intersection.

This creates a bigger traffic gridlock problem because when the light cycles through, nobody can move because of the incompetent and impatient drivers who cannot wait their turn, which then creates longer delays for everyone.

If the NYSP and/or Village PD watched the main intersections this affects, and started to enforce this motor vehicle law and issue traffic citations to people who contribute to the traffic delays by impeding traffic flow through the intersections, I would imagine their behavior would change, and maybe we would all see an alleviated traffic problem, at least to some extent.

Kyle Weaver