Opinion: Many reason, concerns for proposed wind turbines, Hopkinton resident says
Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 9:47 am

To the Editor:

The community of Hopkinton/Parishville has been united for generations, the residents will not allow a foreign corporation to wedge itself between us, regardless of the money they dangle. Reasons and concerns:

• The Electric Program will not benefit Amish, off-grid, those with minimal electric bills

• $12 million will be paid to leaseholders/contract signees from the $38 million/30yrs

• Property values decreased as much as 56% in other.

• If there really is no impact to property value then why object a property value guarantee?

• The supporters of the facility are leaseholders and their relatives, friends, renters, or employees.

• “Neighbor” agreements are allegedly being signed without legal guidance.

• The proposed substation will allegedly be within 1000 feet of non-participating residents, including Councilman Sochia. Will they sign contracts? Compensation?

• Nine leaseholders either live outside the project zone or live in the ADK Park, while non- participating landowners will live with the consequences of this ill-suited project.

• Scott McDonald (Avangrid representative), stated “Neighbor" agreements are not filed with the county or state. Are these contracts ethical or legal?

• Many who oppose the project cannot attend meetings/speak out for fear of consequences, some have been insulted and/or threatened.

• Other Avangrid/Iberdrola "projects" such as Hardscrabble and Maple Ridge have major issues: ”The Voices of Tug Hill”- a 3 part series: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ UCmGEkTlKmevNbXfVZ0TOYdA

• Maple Ridge’s facility has 4 years left before their PILOT expires, the company is already bargaining for another PILOT. It seems they have no intention of paying full taxation. Why is an economically-challenged area being asked to give a tax break of millions to a multibillion-dollar foreign corporation?

• Petitions against the PILOT, pro-moratorium, and to exclude the "overlay" zone South of 72 are legitimate with actual signatures from residents/landowner.

• According to Town of Bellmont’s minutes, residents have only a hotline for complaints finding no resolution for their noise complaints. Hopkinton will have the same. If the company is out of compliance there will be no way to enforce the rules, the company will be self- monitoring.

• Well-water contamination occurs from pile-driving as seen in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. Queen’s Park Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcmZ0uSuM6U Residents are not being listened to by officials and problems go unresolved despite testing and evidence supporting their assertions. Not unlike Flint Michigan who still do not have safe water.

• Industrial turbine fires are under-reported, we have to remind our local fire chiefs that it only takes one fire to be devastating. Iberdrola's own project ,Tule Wind burnt 367 acres.

• Avangrid requested the definition of residence exclude structures that are “not connected to public utilities, do not have running water, and are not hooked up to a sewer system.”

• Avangrid allegedly opposes construction hour limitations and wants them extended: 6am to 9pm.

• This company signed a lease with the father of a board member with the same last name, how is this using due diligence to avoid conflict of interest? Hopkinton’s lawyers have told the board that Gilbert Sochia’s vote would not count, yet he persists despite ethical issues.

• Industrial facilities pose danger to local residents as evidenced by peer-reviewed & science-based sound/health literature provided to the town, advisory board, and the NYS Dept. ofPublic Service.

• The company needs to stop misrepresenting the issue and respect the wind law that is to protect the residents from dealing with what other communities have had to.

• This project will be unduly burdensome to residents and the local wildlife/environment.

Janice Pease