Opinion: Lack of backbone led to end of wind tower project, says Hopkinton resident
Friday, June 29, 2018 - 10:28 am

To the Editor:

I write this with total disappointment with the action and inaction taken as of late of the Hopkinton Town Board and the many residents, that have failed in making this a viable and fiscally responsible town.

Town of Hopkinton Board members and their lack of backbone to push back on efforts of the Concerned Citizens (mostly nonresidents and Parishville residents) to thwart the wind tower project. The wind company was never given the chance to speak to the town board and present the project.

The fiscal irresponsibility of the town Board and its members is unspeakable. This project could have saved the town from a soon to be defunct town. The county divvying us up into parcels to the Towns of Parishville, Lawrence and Stockholm could possibly be a reality. For many years this town has rejected zoning and planning laws to allow its citizens to do what they want with their property (and in many cases it shows in the pristine properties, some of the Concerned Citizens have such property). I see many beautiful homes, but I also see many properties that are just barely standing.

The fact that you have allowed a handful of non-residents to dictate what happens in this town is appalling.

You have totally ignored the request of the residents (over 250 postcards). While I acknowledge that there has been no physical presence of support, the town population has basically left the town board and outsiders to see fit to the welfare of the town. We live in a community that consists of senior citizens on a fixed income, citizens with low paying jobs and people on public assistance.

Most of our youth have moved away or travel great distances every week to work in higher paying jobs to keep above the poverty level.

My family has lived in this town for over 150 years, have served the community in many ways, town council, historical society, summer fest committee to name a few. They certainly would be very disappointed to see what has happened here of late.

Our town should not have to answer to communities that do not have our interest at heart. Many of the faces that have been present in the last few months were never around when volunteers were needed for various activities, only for the handouts were they ever present.

I attended board meetings before the wind project was even a thought and no one that has attended the meeting of late ever attended or had a concern for our welfare.

I blame the people of the town for not attending the meetings and speaking up to voice their opinions. You voted for these board members to represent you and they have not done their due diligence.

A select few of the landowners have attended these meetings taking threats from the Concerned Citizens, but still attended every board meeting. It is shameful that the town has not rallied behind the project because of their complacency, thinking that the state will step in and the project will be approved. Not so.

Who wins, should there be a winner? What economic assistance is going to be forthcoming to the town in balancing their budget for the next 30 years?

Will it be the status quo of the town board to vote once again to raise the taxes on the citizens, with no real economic development in sight? Will the out-of-towners be paying our taxes when they are due?

Deborah Rust