Opinion: Jet flying in Colton is sign from above, says Winthrop resident
Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 8:49 am

To the Editor:

A recent photo taken and submitted by Janson Rutkauskas of a military jet passing overhead in Colton should be seen by all the towns and the St. Lawrence County legislators as a “sign from above.”

If you think for one second that Fort Drum is not important to all the surrounding counties you are mistaken and if the development of wind farms in any way shape or fashion impede the military readiness of Fort Drum or in the future have an adverse affect on the growth of the base then dose it not make good sense for all the towns and counties to adopt legislation to oppose wind development near and around Fort Drum.

The photo tells the truth - Fort Drum does use our air space – a true “sign from above”

Gregory Caron