Opinion: Hopkinton has bigger problems than wind, former resident says
Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 9:04 am

To The Editor:

I grew up in the town of Hopkinton and while I no longer live there, I still have family that reside in the town. I have been following the Avangrid Wind proposal and the responses that have been published.

In reading these “Letters to the Editor” and opinion pieces, it would appear to me that the Town of Hopkinton has a much bigger problem than wind. It now has a community problem. The town has been divided into the pro-wind and the anti-wind.

The wind proposal is just that – a proposal to the town. How does a proposal (of any magnitude) justify townspeople insulting, degrading and disrespecting each other?

It really is appalling how folks who have been neighbors for decades can suddenly turn on each other just because they have different views! Not only that but all of the North Country (and beyond) has been witness to it.

It is absolutely shameful! While I realize that the wind proposal is a big deal, it does not justify the manner in which many have chosen to treat their neighbors. The fact that the wind proposal cannot be discussed in a mature, productive way is just disgraceful to all in the town.

Whether the wind project comes or not, the townspeople, including council members, should be asking themselves how they are going to repair the damage that they, themselves, have done to their own neighbors? How will you rebuild your relationships?

How will you put your community back together? Each individual alone is responsible for their actions and words, not “big wind.”

These are the bigger problems that the Town of Hopkinton has other than the wind proposal.

Rebecca Quinn

Former Hopkinton resident