Opinion: Hopkinton family feels fortunate following medical issue
Friday, May 11, 2018 - 8:22 am

To the Editor:

Our son was transported from Canton-Potsdam Hospital Potsdam to Upstate in Syracuse via Life Flight, with a brain bleed.

The ability to quickly get him to a trauma facility was vital in saving his life. The doctor said he was fortunate to reach them so quickly and he is blessed to not have any residual effects.

We are thankful the weather was good, that the EMT’s on the rescue squad recognized the seriousness of our son’s condition and called ahead to have the Life Flight on standby, and that the doctors and nurses in the ER promptly shipped him out. Thank you.

We are extremely thankful there were no industrial wind towers in our area to interfere with the Life Flight's radar or route, making it necessary for them to lose precious minutes rerouting around them.

600 ft. industrial wind towers can make a difference between life and death!

I pray that none of the “pro-wind" people ever need the Life Flight for themselves or a family member; but if so, we are sure you would want to be able to reach a team center as quickly as possible. You are not going to want those golden minutes between life and death spent rerouting around industrial wind towers!

No one will ever convince us otherwise.

The lack of 600ft. wind towers in our town did, in fact, mean the difference between life and death for our son.

Lastly, we would like to say thank you to the Hopkinton Town Board for passing the 2018 Wind Law to protect not only our town residents, but every person in the surrounding towns.

Robert and Sherry Blum