Opinion: Go solar before it’s too late, says Potsdam resident
Friday, September 8, 2017 - 7:32 am

To the Editor

Here’s a thought for the pro and anti-wind turbine folks of Parishville-Hopkinton. Go solar….before Brookfield and National Grid get their hands on it.

There’s a reason that a multinational company is going around to large landowners and trying to get them to sign on for a large solar installation.

Think about it and give it serious consideration. If you have honest and knowledgeable local representatives there is a way the town(s) and perhaps the North Country, could benefit from this before the corporation(s) do. The power generated shouldn't be siphoned off to down state, (like every other power generation operation up here) make it stay here as a non-negotiable term to construction and production. Provide low cost energy for the folks who are making it and to a county that ranks as one of the highest in every negative economic situation you can think of. Bring some hope for industry. If only we could King Andy to leave and stop chasing out of industry/business that would help immensely.

You still get temporary jobs (neither will provide long-term employment), without the ugly, loud monstrosity on the skyline.

And get real here…. Cut off your friends and family because some industrial greed monger enters your lives and weakens the very fabric of the North Country? Divide and conquer is the tactic in play. Is that what you really want?

P.S. ---- PILOT is a pile of excrement pushed on small townships at the expense of the local taxpayer. Who profits more than big business? Certainly not the landowners in a township. PILOT is short term and works only one way…in their favor.

Tracey Haggett-Sloan