Opinion: Four reasons to vote for Tedra Cobb, says Canton resident
Monday, June 25, 2018 - 6:54 am

To The Editor:

Here are four reasons my wife Marilyn and I are voting in the primary June 26 and then in the November 6 General election for Canton's Tedra Cobb as the best by experience, issues, transparency and ready approach to people of all persuasions, and regards every voter's vote counts for the 21st Congressional District seat.

First, Tedra is prepared by life and work experience as business owner and health systems consultant, living on a sustainable, solar farm for several dozen years with her family. Tedra is the only Democrat running with background as an elected official, who can hit the road running when she arrives in Washington to represent this largely rural and poor, job-and-health care-needy district.

Second, Tedra is more open and focused on people than the often unavailable incumbent Elise Stefanik, who has only somewhat associated in the 21st when she registered to vote in the district, using her grandmother's camp as her address just before her first election. She has spent her life in Albany and working in D.C.

Mostly living in Washington, she is embarrassingly vote-tied to the Donald Trump/Paul Ryan millionaire-helping budget, raising the deficit, and to the harmful Republican health care bill, leaving out thousands of her constituents, so many of them poor, and mainly benefiting insurance companies.

Third, Tedra is honest, clear-headed and ethical. Over her two terms as a county legislator, Tedra planned, wrote and pushed for passage of our Code of Ethics, even while butting heads with one citizen who felt one particular county department he was associated with should not and did not need to be covered by the new ethics law.

Fourth, Tedra knows and practices that every vote counts. During her fist election campaign she would even go up to farm houses with her incumbent opponent's sign on the lawn and engage the voters. When she knocked on the door of one family farm whose lawn had incumbent and national Farm Bureau leader Jon Greenwood's sign posted, the woman told Tedra not to worry, they were fellow farmers and friends but were voting for her.

At a recent candidates' "meet and greet" in Potsdam, I went up to late Primary entry Dylan Ratigan, who had bragged about never having voted. I reminded him that Thomas Jefferson and a couple of local and county candidates had won by just one vote. In 1801 Jefferson beat Aaron Burr by a single vote in the Electoral College. Even Ratigan's recent endorser, former Governor Eliot Spitzer was fond of saying, in our Democracy, "you can't have a voice, unless you vote."

Now we have a chance to get out the vote for Tedra Cobb on June 26, Then join us and her many volunteers and backers from all other parties in the national movement to defeat incumbents and first-time runners on blue wave Tuesday, November 6, where your vote is sure to count for Tedra.

Brad and Marilyn Mintener