Opinion: Former Norfolk resident disappointed in firematics competition turnout
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - 6:56 am

To the Editor:

As a former resident of the Village of Norfolk, I was disappointed in returning for the annual Labor Day Firematic competition, which had been dormant for a year. I can remember since the age of five when the event was held at the present site as well as downtown for competitions.

This year the crowd was noticeably smaller perhaps due to the lack of teams or maybe lack of interest. It is too bad that more from the community could not have supported their own fire department at a fundraiser for the department.

I do commend the Norwood firefighters who did serve as a local committee for the event and Norfolk Rescue Squad for handling an incident in a very timely manner.

I also found it troubling that with the beautiful arena that people had to use portable bathrooms instead of restrooms in the facility as has been offered in a neighboring community.

When asked asking someone about it we were told that either village or town officials were not allowing the public to use this facility.

Hopefully if this event is held in the future I would hope that the community and town and village would support the department. Coming from a community that has these events it does get support from the community town and village.

Jerry Flanders

Former resident Norfolk resident