Opinion: Financial gains not worth wind turbine issues, says Potsdam resident
Friday, March 10, 2017 - 7:30 am

To the Editor:

Unlike Kevin Sogourney from Chateaugay who did not have the luxury of being contacted prior to the tower project in Chateaugay, I am ever so grateful I was personally contacted regarding the proposed wind project.

It is vitally important to be aware and informed about something so powerful and affecting that is unwanted by so many for a multitude of valid reasons. There is nothing more powerful than the testimony of people who live the effects of the towers day and night; from the vibrations, to the noise and the flashing lights at night and their ever-looming presence during the day.

Some people who regret allowing the turbines may not be quick to voice that sentiment after the fact.

However, the people who are sharing their personal agonies have no reason to falsely manifest the ill health they are experiencing.

What would they have to gain by doing so? Please ask yourselves that key question. They are reaching out to other communities such as ours in a human and humane attempt to spare us the same fate.

For most of us here, dealing with wind turbines and the effect from them would be for a lifetime. It is a shattering thought.

Six years ago I moved into my home on State Highway 72 in the midst of the proposed turbine locations. Had I known at the time of purchase that something such as this could happen, I would never have moved into this area.

Suffering from tinnitus as I do, the mere thought of additional noise or vibration is of deep concern for me.

The deer, birds, bats and other wildlife will leave for better environments, but many will also perish against the blades. It will be a slaughter for our winged creatures that fill a major slot in our ecological system. One eagle dying is one eagle too many etc.

In closing, please give the most serious of consideration to the long-term ramifications of these monsters of the sky. For a select few they may be advantageous financially, but other than money there is no advantage to turbines in our area whatsoever. Our pristine views and peace and quiet will be destroyed forever.

Money is not worth the price we will all pay if the towers are erected.

Amber Lindsey