Opinion: Family of missing man say he may have been seen in Gouverneur, seek help from public
Friday, June 30, 2017 - 10:27 am

To the Editor:

My son, Kenny McCall age 24, has been missing since June 13. He was last seen on NYS RT 812 and Tidd Rd in the Town of Diana in Upstate NY.

The police have been of little help in locating my son. They only searched the heavily wooded area he was last seen in for just under two days. They would not allow the local volunteer fire departments to be dispatched to continue searching for him. We had to gather our own volunteers and searched for almost 2 more weeks with sometimes only 5-20 volunteers at a time.

We met with them on Monday and they hadn't done anything to try to locate him and used the excuse that they don't have the resources. They seem to be just sitting back waiting for leads to fall in their lap.

There's a 50/50 chance he's laying in the woods or he may think he's in trouble and is "on the run." I had to tell police to subpoena his cell phone records and verify the initial sightings of him and his girlfriend who was located at 9 a.m. She stated he went back to the car (in the wrong direction) to get her water and the car.

There have been a few possible sightings of him since then in Carthage, Philadelphia and Gouverneur. The Gouverneur lead wasn't followed up on by police until after we filed a complaint with the NYS Troopers in Lowville on Tuesday.

The NYS Troopers who were on duty on June 13 called and asked if the sheriff's office needed their assistance and they declined. This is a huge travesty and we want answers. My son and his girlfriend took a drug called Molly around 2:30 p.m. on June 12 and we believe that's why police are blowing off his disappearance instead of continuing to look for him. Would they be so lax if this was their son?

We've also been told since that what they got was not Molly, but another drug called Flakka, which causes severe paranoia. He grew up on Lowville, but was living and working in Cortland, since 2012. He was visiting his sister in Natural Bridge, for about a week when this incident occurred, so he's very unfamiliar with the area. He could've tried to return to the Cortland area and could be hiding out with someone there.

He also lived in Akron, OH a few years ago and knows a few people there as well. Is there any way you could please help us and get this on your news station? We are desperate to find him. His father and I are emotionally drained and need help!

Valerie McCall