Opinion: Dumping net neutrality is opposite authoritarianism, Morristown resident says
Friday, December 8, 2017 - 1:16 pm

To the Editor:

Now for the rest of the story! FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has and is under attack with death threats from social justice warriors from groups like Fight for the Future, Demand Progress and Free Press Action Fund.

These groups attempt to claim the “non-partisan” mantra which would be laughable if not so sad. Each of these “organizations” are nothing more than support groups for the Progressive Socialist agenda that is as partisan as it gets.

They proudly claim to be anti-Trump. I don’t believe that to be bipartisan.

The claims by these groups are false. They are obsessed with a misguided thought that government regulation is the answer. The Free Market solutions are always in the best interest of the consumer. Obama’s FCC rammed this through without allowing any public comment.

Obama’s progressive socialist FCC, in a party line vote, issued utility style regulations upon the internet.They stripped the FTC from regulating the internet to protect consumers and gave the power to themselves (FCC).

This serves one purpose. It depresses investment in building and expanding broadband networks and stifles innovation (directly affecting the North Country). Under Chairman Pai’s plan the FTC will police the ISP’s, protect consumers and promote competition.

This puts the FTC experience back in charge of protecting consumer’s online privacy. Just like you choose the best phone service plan for your needs you will now be able to buy the best internet plan that fits your needs.

The free market of the internet will lead to benefit consumer’s and innovator’s. The attempted hijacking of our internet will be put to rest and American’s will not be subjected to heavy-handed government regulation that stifles the industry.

We will return to the framework the internet has flourished under. This will undoubtedly promote innovation and investment.

The North Country would continue to suffer greatly under Net Neutrality and to eliminate it is the right thing to do.

Rural broadband that the North Country, and all of rural America, desperately needs will soon be a reality thanks to Chairman Pai’s FCC! Chairman Pai said, “We need an open and free internet for the 21st century, and if that gateway is closed, we’re essentially left behind.

So, that’s one of the things we want to do is to promote ubiquitous internet access so that every American who wants it can get it and there’s no telling how broadly the entrepreneurial spirit can flourish if we empower American’s with access to a free and open internet.”

Trent Porter