Opinion: Don’t let the NFL distract you from real problems, says Winthrop man
Sunday, October 8, 2017 - 1:22 pm

To the Editor:

I hear a lot about NFL kneelers, well how would you like to be called a name on television by the president? It is his bullying tactics and grade school mentality name-calling. How about all those who don’t remove their hats inside or when the flag passes in a parade? This country has a long way to go on flag etiquette.

Now he says PR is ruining the budget, did they cause the devastation (that darn Hurricane)? How about his weekend trips, is he paying for them at a rumored $1 million each or his cabinet travel?

This (bone spurs in his feet) president is so good at belittling everyone from Kim Jun, women, fellow GOP like Rubio, McCane, J Bush, and many more.

He has taxed the lumber from Canada so he can get it imported from Russia? Now who is paying more for the lumber and why housing starts are down?

Beware of his tax cuts, like all the other GOP it is cut now and pay later in the back door. Who caused this $30 trillion deficit anyway?

William LaPoint