Opinion: Do research on impacts that fluoride has on humans, Potsdam resident says
Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 8:29 am

To the Editor:

The Village of Potsdam will soon be making a decision whether to continue, or discontinue chemical fluoridation (medicating) the public water supply.

In order to comply with (Public Health Law 1100) passed in 2105, and pressed into law by pro fluoridation advocates the law states village administration must consult local health officials and offer an alternative solution providing chemical fluoridation to municipal residents before actually discontinuing fluoridation.

Here is a sensible and feasible alternative solution for all “stakeholders” involved. In attendance at one specific Potsdam village meeting were a handful of local dental professionals who adamantly advocated for continued use of chemical fluoridation. The fluoridation in question is specifically hydro fluorosilicic Acid (H2 S1F6) a waste product of the phosphate fertilizer manufacturing.

Since these dental professionals are sincerely concerned about the dental health of our community I would humbly suggest and call upon them to put their “money where our mouths are,” and come to the aid of the community providing chemical fluoridation for those local residents who so desire chemical fluoridation medication versus chemically fluoridating (medicating) the public water supply.

I will personally contribute one year of the financial cost I personally incur in the water purification (chemical fluoride filtration removal) of my public drinking water that I pay handsomely for. Yes…I pay to have chemical fluoridation introduced into my water supply, and then pay to remove it.

I would implore everyone to research for themselves the adverse effects ingesting and bathing in chemical fluoridation has on the human body. Chemical fluoridation is a known neurotoxin, endocrine disruptor and wreaks havoc on thyroid function.

While I applaud our dental professionals concern for our dental health it is unfortunate that many in the dental community wear “blinders.” The dental coalition seem to only think about dental health and the supposed good it does for teeth while neglecting all aspects of the rest of the body.

In addition…to this date no one in the village administration has replied (officially) concerning the elevated lead levels in our local schools and what research they have conducted into this matter.

They have been provided much creditable information concerning water fluoridation and elevated lead levels in the water supply.

Please take the time and look into this matter and voice your concerns to your local elected officials.

Dean Laubscher