Opinion: dirty politics and money talks with wind companies, says Hopkinton woman
Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 8:47 am

To the Editor:

I have with regularity attended many of the meetings regarding the industrial sized wind towers proposed for Hopkinton and Parishville. The key word is industrial sized.

If you will never have one of these 400 to 500 foot monsters within your view or hearing distance count your blessings.

I had never been witness to dirty politics/conniving or a multi-billion dollar company offering polo shirts and a mysterious leather pouch. Not being a town supervisor might factor into that. Inquire of the town supervisor of Brandon, NY, about why they turned down the money involved. I commend them for their courage of convictions and not being persuaded by the almighty dollar.

There are some major ethical issues going on behind the scenes. Cape Vincent, Hammond and Brandon kept them out- and we can too. Or so many of us hope is the case.

That said -- with my own ears I have heard certain people state they desperately need the money from leasing their land to retain/maintain their property. Within weeks of such statements the same people stated they are not in it for the money -- they are simply advocates of clean/green energy. Really? It may be renewable but it is far from clean or green. Money clouds the desire to know the truth.

However, if one does the research or listens to the diverse and numerous testimonials of people sickened by the turbines, you may form a different opinion if you are presently neutral or even pro-wind.

It was said tonight (April 11) by a supervisor who has the "good fortune" to have 7 turbines on his property that the Amish were not at all interested in the turbines thus the money entailed. In other words, the Amish cannot be bought -- or at least the vast majority of them. Redeeming to know.

It has been implied those who are anti-turbines are a minority/uneducated/combative and confrontational. I have attended enough of the meetings to convey that is not the case. The company involved views the North Country as “bumbledoo” land and as such did not anticipate a large group of taxpayers and landowners disputing the erection of their noisy and unsightly towers.

One of the attending supervisors at a meeting tonight stated he lived 3 and 1/2 miles from the turbines he allowed and receives huge sums of money for. How convenient. Kevin Sigourney from Chateaugay did not have that luxury and had to move out of his beloved home due to the due to the horrendous noise levels/vibrations blasting through his home.

For those who sign (gag orders) for a pittance of money – surely they will regret doing so. Recently I drove through Chateaugay on my way to Burlington and was beyond appalled at the close proximity to so many homes. However, the town allowed them as such and now many people suffer and have no choices whatsoever.

We have a choice here in Parishville and Hopkinton. We need a moratorium for further research and studies to ensure we protect ourselves from the many adverse effects industrial sized turbines can and do cause. If one catches fire (and they do) there will be no way to prevent a major forest fire. We all know of the tinder dry conditions of this area and perpetual burn bans. Not only would people lose their homes in such a fire, they could easily lose their lives.

In closing, I am grateful we all have an opportunity to voice our legitimate concerns -- our voices deserve merit. Because after all, these are our homes and we will forever impacted by the erection of a wind farm in our beautiful/unblemished towns.

A moratorium is imperative in both townships to protect the health and safety of all affected. Let the Article 10 process run its course and the chips fall where they may. Hopefully it won't be wood chips as they destroy our lands and forests along with our peace and quiet in the process.

Amber Lindsey