Opinion: Crisis’ always leads to same old rants, says Brasher Falls resident
Sunday, October 8, 2017 - 1:21 pm

To the Editor:

Before the last echoes of the horrific Las Vegas shooting faded, the anti-Liberty cult was out ranting about gun control. Never waste a good crisis, especially if you can work your theme into a pro-statist agenda.

We heard the same old rants about “common sense gun laws,” whatever that means, or “Republicans enabled the shooter,” or “Trump is a racist,” and so on.

I have hit upon a great time and ink saving strategy for the anti-Liberty warriors. Number the rants. Then when an event such as Las Vegas occurs they merely have to call out, “Rant number 6,” or “Rant number 22,” or “Rant number 17, revision B,” etc.

The rants could be printed on flash cards and distributed to the public and even studied in school. In fact, make it a law that before each child gets his or her first radio, TV or subscription to Playboy, they must pass a test on these helpful rants!

This is offered in the interest of saving time and resources in these hectic, expensive times.

William C. Lewis

Brasher Falls