Opinion: A contrived controversy: Button is best candidate, says former Canton resident
Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 7:47 am

To the Editor:

Controversy, really? By any measure you choose to employ, the Buttons’ actions followed long established precedent, were above board, fully transparent and done with the full knowledge of the Town Board and other elected officials. This has repeatedly been acknowledged by town officials, past and present.

Thus, with it being plain nothing amiss actually occurred, why does this continue to be bandied about as though some major transgression in the office of the Town Supervisor was uncovered? If you think about it, where else do truth and the facts of a matter get routinely shunted aside? Politics perhaps? Never mind that Mr. Button and Mrs. Button worked well together to the benefit of the Town of Canton and its residents.

When you wish to unseat an incumbent Town Supervisor and you have no substantive facts to support your political ambitions simply shift the issue into the abstract with nebulous claims of nepotism, improper conduct and other vague, prejudicial comments that sound ominous but are really just blather.

Simply, the Buttons are good, caring, competent people who have given the community far more than they have ever received from it. Dave Button has a long, unsullied record of over sixteen years in public service. When you find people like Dave and Denice who do their work in an exemplary, selfless fashion, take pride in their work and are an asset to the community they deserve to be recognized for a job well done.

Instead their reward has been to be publicly vilified in the name of party politics. Devoid of any substantive facts pointing toward impropriety this issue has been driven solely by political expedience and political ambition. The defining criteria concerning the next election should be how the Town of Canton has actually fared under the direction of Supervisor Button. This is important, so please take some time to look into the matter.

Attend a town board meeting, check out the financial condition of the Town of Canton, ask questions and decide based solely on facts, not unsubstantiated allegations, how things have been run. Thus far the town has lost a valuable, loyal and knowledgeable employee in Mrs. Button. It would be a mistake to compound that error by not reelecting Mr. Button.

Mary Jane Barnes

Former Canton resident