Opinion: Content providers versus internet service providers, explained by Morristown resident
Friday, December 29, 2017 - 7:18 am

To the Editor:

I see Gillibrand is attempting to bring back Net Neutrality from the dead. Let there be no mistake where this fake representative stands as it pertains to freedom and liberty. Her record is dismal to say the least. She was for eliminating our Fourth Amendment for college students accused of sexual assault or rape. Gillibrand believes that by simply alleging these acts against another student the accused is presumed to be guilty without Due Process. The accused has no recourse and does not have right to council or to face his/her accuser. She believes that a college should hold a kangaroo court to hear one side of the story and not the other. She believes the accuser to ALWAYS be truthful without a thorough examination of the evidence by law enforcement. This woman has always had a misguided mindset that undermines the Rule of Law and eliminates your Constitutional Rights. It was quite the opposite when these accusation were laid to bare against Bill Clinton. She gladly supported Slick Willie and his progressive socialist wife and took their money to support her anti-American political stance. Can you say hypocrite?

Now, we can see through her charade of pretending to be a representative by and for the people. So, she has now decided to jump on the Net Neutrality bus to nowhere. She plans to introduce a Congressional Review Act to “restore” the 2015 Obama/Wheeler Rule. This misguided plan is government control of the Internet. I was always told if it’s not broke don’t fix it. There’s a very good reason Obama instituted these regulations. And like Obama she wishes for the elimination of our First Amendment via Content Providers. Funny there seems to be a pattern here. You see Gillibrand, Schumer, Schneiderman, Cuomo know the law of the land they just prefer to bypass the Rule of Law and ignore our Constitution. They bypass Congress and attempt to rule like a dictator. President Trump’s election was a wakeup call for dictator wannabe’s that we are a free people left to govern ourselves in our Free Republic! Gillibrand’s attempts to return Net Neutrality will not come to fruition. “We the People” have reminded her and those like her that misguided fake representatives can no longer hide in the dark swamp they’re dwelling in. The light of our Republic is shining on them to reveal those that wish to destroy OUR Republic from within. When an elected representative pushes to limit and reduce our rights in any way they must be held accountable and replaced at the polls. There are NO COMPROMISES that are legitimate when it comes to our Individual American rights granted to us by our Creator, not government.

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, R-Tennessee, explains it this way. “Content providers are discriminating and censoring. Even I have been censored. These companies are fighting against a free and open Internet, they’re fighting for government regulation. These are companies that are censoring the internet service providers, they’re saying ‘we’re working on the edge, don’t regulate us and let us tend to whatever we want to do’. That’s why conservative groups have been blocked on Facebook and YouTube (Google). That’s why I was blocked on Twitter for presenting a pro-life message. That’s why the president’s Twitter account was taken down for a number of hours. That’s why Chairman Pai’s video was blocked. Their version of Net Neutrality is censoring free speech.”

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, R-Tennessee, will introduce legislation to “codify the rules of a free and open Internet”. These rules are simple and keeps governments greedy hand out it. It will rule the Internet Service Providers cannot be blocking or throttling Content Provider’s. It is content providers (Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) that censor the Internet far more than ISP’s (Comcast or Verizon). This is why these content providers support it. Content providers, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon all serve as a greater threat to Internet freedom compared to ISP’s. They are already hard at work censoring your 1st Amendment rights. Plain and simple it is Gillibrand/Silicone Valley’s version of net neutrality that is censoring free speech. I support Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s legislation to finally set the rules of the Internet in an American way. Rep. Blackburn is an American Patriot. Gillibrand, well, she is an American just not a patriot. Vote her out along with Cheesy Chuckie Schumer, Progressive Socialist Cuomo and Schneiderman!

Trent Porter