Opinion: Cobb gets most support to beat Rep. Stefanik, Winthrop resident says
Monday, May 14, 2018 - 9:50 am

To the Editor:

Now that the petitions are in, I feel I made the best choice of our Democratic field. My first requirement was someone who could beat Stefanik in the fall.

Tedra Cobb got the most signatures by far, with the second most not even close! She got over 5,300 signatures, while Don Boyajian got only 3,000. Even Dylan Ratigan, with his name recognition, received only 2,450 while everyone else didn’t even break 2,000! (Emily Martz did not reveal her totals).

As I canvassed, I found some people who were just “not interested in politics”. This is sad and one reason why our system isn’t working for us.

Tedra is one of us. She has already proved that you can trust that she will represent us when she was a St. Lawrence legislator. You don’t have to understand each and every issue, you just have to trust the person you elect to do what is right for the constituents. Tedra is that person!

If you are not registered to vote, please do so soon. To vote for Tedra in the June 26 primary, you need to register as a Democrat before June 1.

Then vote on Nov. 6 to send Tedra to Washington D.C.

Carol Simpson