Opinion: Candidates working to create ‘shadow’ government, says Hopkinton man
Monday, October 9, 2017 - 6:39 am

To the Editor:

We now have two new candidates for town council: Kelly Pullano and Janice Pease.

Pullano claims the present council is in “disarray.” She should look up the definition of disarray. The issue of councilman Gilbert Sochia's father having a lease with the wind company, as stated in Kelly Pullano's letter, "legally keeps Gilbert from voting or discussing wind issues." True and he has abided by that ruling. Far from the exaggeration of disarray.

The second issue of Greg Crump working for a company that has a lease is a lie. The company that Greg works for is part of a conglomerate made up of eight different companies. The particular company Greg Crump works for doesn't have a lease. This was reviewed by the town attorney and was found to be ethical.

The fact that our council is split two for and two against at the present time is government working as it should. Differences of opinions between our council members on this one issue isn't disarray; but it's obliviously not what Pullano and Pease want.

As to what they want, look not further than the rhetoric of the Concerned Citizens for Rural Preservation (CCRP). No development of wind, solar or any corporate investment in our town.

These two candidates are doing the bidding of the CCRP, which is based in Parishville, and are seeking to set up a seemingly shadow government in Hopkinton to entrench the CCRP on our council. Hopkinton will never be Parishville north!

They offer nothing to replace the $38 million they want to throw away. They are running on one issue only and write letters of divisiveness and fear. They say evidence is piling up every day against wind.

Not from what we heard from the town supervisor of Bellmont last weekend. No water issues, no drop in real estate values, no wildfires and certainly no lubricant leaks. As my neighbor's sign reads: Show the Proof.

Hopkinton residents beware of one-note horn players masquerading as council candidates!

Reelect Gilbert Sochia and Greg Crump for town council.

Frank Potenzano