Opinion: Buy the cans if you have drinking and driving plans, says Potsdam resident
Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 7:37 am

To the Editor:

To Mr. Keystone Ice and Ms. Milwaukee’s Best: There are tons of us who walk our dogs where your empties hit the road;

We pick up trash, carry it home, it’s not a heavy load.

With a canine friend and lots of bags, I can pick up what your drop;

then trade the cans for ice cream at my favorite ice cream shop.

I will not tell you not to drink. I know you’re at the wheel.

However, the choice between metal and glass…that can break the deal.

Glass will sometimes stay intact, but lugging it home is a slog.

More important, if broken, it can hurt the paws of my dog.

So when you are buying beverages for your drinking and driving plans;

please heed the angel whispering, “buy the cans, buy the cans, buy the cans.”

Wendy Turnbull