Opinion: Button earned vote to continue as supervisor, say Canton residents
Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - 6:07 am

To the Editor:

In the race for Town of Canton supervisor, we, too, want transparency.

Here is what is indisputable about David Button: For sixteen years David's outstanding leadership and dedication to the community have delivered to the town of Canton fiscal responsibility, improved services, beautification, modernization, and economic growth, often through grants he has written, while maintaining a tax rate among the lowest in the county year after year.

His administrative and accounting skills, which he continually refines, and his ability to get the job done, have served the town both efficiently and effectively.

David's in-house approach to getting the job done has included his wife and our friend, Denice, who is unquestionably his equal in terms of hard work and exceptional ability. Prior to the start of her service in the supervisor's office (which predated nepotism laws),

Denice had worked for the county as an account clerk and had had 18 years experience as the bookkeper, business manager, and part-owner of the Buttons' successful radio station,

WVNC. Regardless of how they have recently divided their responsibilities and salaries in the supervisor's office, David, together with Denice, has worked diligently to deliver services and save money for the taxpayers of Canton.

In contrast to the budgets of some local municipalities, including the Village of Canton, David's budgets for the town have been consistently delivered on time and published online for the taxpayer to examine. We believe that Canton, with its $2.9 million budget, is fortunate to have had David, with his special certification and years of experience in government accounting and finance, as its CEO and CSO. Everything David has initiated for Canton has been productive, and he has a well-articulated vision for Canton's future.

To those calling for change, we ask, "What, specifically, would you do to provide better services to the town than David has provided at its current tax rate?"

David has proven that he is never content to rest on past accomplishments, but will continue to build on his record of service to this town.

As David's friends for 30 years, we know him to be a man of highest integrity and unheralded generosity. As taxpayers, we believe David Button has earned and continues to deserve our vote for Town of Canton supervisor.

Jimmy and Donna Crawford