Opinion: Addicts crave drugs like lungs gasp for air, says Potsdam couple
Monday, May 14, 2018 - 9:51 am

To the Editor:

Dr. Richard Wessell is well-known to us as an outstanding caregiver in this community. To us, he has demonstrated superior clinical skills, and ability in assessment.

But, he also has great warmth of personality and respect for the concerns of his patients. Dr. Wessell is kind, humorous, competent and an excellent listen.

The most capable and honorable among us could suffer from addiction…and they do. After becoming a victim, the individual finds themselves craving the drug in the same manner as the lungs gasp for air.

In our opinion, Dr. Wessell is a decent, intelligent, and empathetic person. We believe that he wishes to resist the substances, and recover.

May this good man fare well in this endeavor. Only those of us who are flawless, have any right to cast the first stone.

Rachel Johnson-Pattison and Rev. Carl Pattison