Opinion: Add time to commute to avoid dangerous driving, says Bucks Bridge resident
Wednesday, May 9, 2018 - 12:28 pm


To the Editor:

We in Bucks Bridge feel your pain of having to add time and mileage to your daily commute due to the ridiculous bridge situation in Canton.

Many of us are affected as well.

However, please obey the speed limit through our beautiful little community (and any other little community you have the privilege to drive through).

We have children, elderly walkers, cyclists, rollerbladers, etc. - and many of you are driving way too fast!

The answer is easy: Simply add a few extra minutes so that you don't have to risk running someone over.

One additional suggestion - stay off of your phones. Haven't you seen the horrible advertisements of what can happen when you are distracted? Stay safe and keep others safe.

Debbie White

Bucks Bridge