Opinion: $1 million grant not enough to fix Ogdensburg building, says Heuvelton resident
Friday, November 10, 2017 - 7:11 am

To the Editor:

In response to “New Hope for Newell Building” which appeared in the Nov. 4-10 issue of North Country This Week: Let me see if I understand this “…breathe new life into the defunct Newell Building." Okay, so far so good. Always a good idea.

Then: "... contamination at the site, unfortunate timing and degradation of utilities..."

Hmm, I can understand contamination; I used to play there among the huge stacks and piles of unused metal they piled up out back of the building. I don't understand "unfortunate timing", but "degradation of the building,” very expensive rehab, I'm certain.

A million dollars is not enough unless it strictly means up the rehab will be as minimal as possible and not necessarily completely up to code. Nothing mentioned about contamination fixes or amounts. Guess that goes with the building.

IDA and the Ogdensburg want to sell the place with so many practical problems remaining for the buyer, who, historically wouldn't be made aware of them until after the purchase and new inspections, if historical actions are any indicator.

So, one grant; not enough, to make the building and property actually completely usable. This is likely a horrendous problem for any buyer to come! This would be a raw deal for any non pro-active buyer, regardless of the past interest.

Tom Rivet