Ogdensburg resident creates dramatization of the journey of Joseph and King Balthazar
Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - 12:14 pm

An Ogdensburg man created the following dramatization of the journey of Joseph and King Balthazar:

JOSEPH: He could not almost believe that Caesar Augustus wanted all people to register in Judea, (Luke 2:2). Surely, Joseph might have prayed to God whether to obey this mandate or not. For Judea was far and distant. Thugs, robbers stalked along the narrow way. And Mary’s Baby was on His 9th month.

BALTHAZAR: “Abba! It is a big and unusual star that makes me thirst for holiness.” Abba says, “It is the birth of my Son who now awaits you in his Kingdom. Go in haste to Bethlehem, for there is born the King of Kings (luke 2: 14-46).”

JOSEPH: “Lord, it is winter, the way is cold and breezy. Mary could easily slid and might lost her Baby.” Joseph understood that God’s silence meant: “Yes. you have to register, Joseph. Go and I will be with you all the way through.”

BALTHAZAR: “Abba, the star shines far away in Bethlehem, a land unfamiliar to me. The way is hard and dark; robbery, hunger and death mark the long, long journey. But if thou will and be with me, I could cross though storms bar my way.” ABBA answers: “Don’t worry Balthazar. Have faith and trust me. I will be with you to guide and protect you all along the way (E.M.A. The Epipahny p. 43).”

JOSEPH: Since Mary was on her 9th month and walking could be very difficult for her St. Joseph bought a gentle and uncomplaining donkey. He bought some necessary supplies, few bucks he earned from carpentry near and far.

When St. Joseph was ready for the trip he gently and carefully alighted Mary on the donkey’s back. They started the long journey. Joseph noticed a lot of pilgrims along the way going to Judea to be registered. He felt comfortable. When nightfall came some houses along the way had sheltered them for a night to rest.

BALTHAZAR: “Abba, for days I have not seen your Star. Have you left my side? This is Bethlehem where you said I can find Him. I have asked all men. “Where is he, the King for I have come to adore him (Ibid, e.m.a.).” They shook their head and said: “Are you crazy?”

JOSEPH: The following day, Joseph and Mary moved on. As darkness came early being winter Mary began to have labor pains. So, Joseph anxiously was looking for a place to pass the night and perhaps deliver Mary‘s Baby.

They were already in Bethlehem. In spite of the fact that this was his birth place (Internet, Catholic Encyclupedia) he could not find a place for Mary to stay. Most of them said to him, “Sorry, our house is full of pilgrims.”

At long last, Joseph found a cave (where the shepherds used to stay and keep a manger vacant in case one of the sheep might deliver her baby). Mary delivered her first born child, Jesus. And a choir of Angels went caroling to all the Shepherds around the mountain, singing:

Shepherds…“Be not afraid for behold…is born today…a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And you will find a babe ..wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger…“ And multitudes of Angels sang: “Glory be God in the highest, and on earth peace among men of good will..” (Luke 2: 8-14).

BALTHAZAR: Meanwhile, he saw the star over a mountain in Bethlehem and he was filled with the spirit. He followed the Star and saw far of “three shadows carved in the night.” At last, after a long and difficult journey he arrived where the star’s light rested and he prostrated himself and said in a loud voice:

“Abba, I am so happy. It is as if I am in Heaven, surrounded by angels and holy men, where life knows no pain nor end. For where yur Son is Abba, there also is my heart thrilled with a quintessence of love. Jeusus, here is my gift, a gold, my heart whose love would ever remain unchanged (E.M.A. Short stories & selected verses p. 54).”

Elmer M. Abear