Ogdensburg man says I-98 would hurt towns, farmers
Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 4:11 pm

To the Editor:

I have followed the news of this “Golden Fleece” project for quite some time now.

The NYS government can barely keep afloat and the taxpayers are expected to give freely of billions of hard earned dollars for a dream of a few that will leave in it’s path a series of ghost towns.

We have seen examples downstate that have crashed and burned and are essentially useless pieces of pavement. Our NNY farmers seem to have no say in the amount of land that will be kidnapped by this.

When I was a child in Norfolk we had several businesses that flourished until the “Big Box“ stores came into Massena and Potsdam.

They gave jobs but small towns lost their heart and soul of the local “ Ma and Pa “business. How the SLC legislature can defend the idea puts me at a loss for words.

My son is always at me for always thinking logically but in this case the only people that are the ones looking to modernize RT 11. So lets start thinking people.

Crunch the numbers as to will it provide jobs (temporary) or will it be the biggest albatross the state has seen? The people for the I-98 have a agenda or are getting a piece of the action down the road which you will never them admit to. Get smart New Yorkers and see the I-98 for what it is...

George Osier, Ogdensburg